Why handmade soap?

We have been creating handmade soap since 2011 due to Debs sensitive skin.  We can control the ingredients that are added (or more importantly, not added).  Handmade soap retains natural glycerin which is beautiful for your skin.


Do you test on animals?

We will never use ingredients that test on animals and the only animal testing that we have done was when Bob dog stole some soap to chew on.  Our products are 100% vegan and palm oil free.


It is too pretty to use!

OK, not a questions but something we hear all of the time.  Use the pretty soap. There will always be more. You and your skin deserve it!


How do we plant to seeded labels?

Our labels are created with native seeded (swan river daisy and lemon bottle brush) recycled paper. Soak label in water until soft. Place card on seed raising mix (in pot or ground). Lightly cover with more mix, water and keep moist. Germination should take 7 - 21 days. Plant seedlings in your garden or become a guerrilla gardener and plant the natives around your neighborhood.


I have more questions...  

Please feel free to contact us... you have been warned, we can talk soap all day!